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About Us

The "Global Product Management Talk" was initially conceived as a virtual forum where people who manage products situated globally could interact in a virtual forum with product management thought leaders.  

Since we started in February, 2011, we have produced successful weekly Twitter talks (except for Mondays when Australian & US Holidays occur).  Because each talk is on subject matter, tools, resources and methodologies, further enhanced by participant contributions, the content is of vital interest to the global community of product professionals.

This event is unique for a number of reasons:

1.  Mini-product camp discussion
The showcased thought leader does not lecture, but actually raises questions for the participants to answer in a "Socratic" atmosphere, while providing background information and comments to forward the discussion

2. Open Forum
It takes place in an open forum on Twitter enabling anyone to participate without barriers beyond Internet connection (Twitter registration is only required for participation, the event could be passively viewed in real time via Twitter search of the hashtag #prodmgmttalk or the transcript could be read after the event offline.)

3. Focus on Issues pertinent to Managing Products/Product Management
It is the only weekly, virtual event of this kind for people who identify as professional product managers AND those who are responsible for managing poducts from inception through launch, AND people with the title and/or in the department of "Product Manager, Product Marketing Manager, Product Management" AND people who develop products, design products, are responsible for products, are concerned with the success of products and companies that produce products!

4. Podcast Component
In July, 2011, we began broadcasting the verbal commentary of the co-hosts discussing the Twitter stream with the speaker over BlogTalkRadio.  The result is a weekly "podcast" further extending reach and participation, as product managers can listen to (one side of) the discussion in real time, and later they can review the documented transcript of the tweets and listen to the edited audio of the broadcast.  

The podcast for the weekly Global Product Management Talk events was so well received, in August 2011, we began interviewing participants, organizers and presenters from Product Camps for Product Camp Radio. 

The Global Product Management Talk Tools of the Trade audio series is designed to enable busy product people to stay informed about best in class tools, methods and approaches. We talk with the people behind new offerings, products, services and methodology to understand what problems they're solving, what benefits they're providing, and provide tips to quickly ascend the learning curve to implementing them successfully.

The Global Product Management Talk StartUp TalkRadio audio series is designed to showcase the people, teams and inspiration fueling startup businesses and new offerings, products, services, software, applications and innovative ideas. 


Weekly live broadcast with #ProdMgmtTalk twitter chat on all things Product Management related. Co-hosted by Cindy F. Solomon and expert colleague. Each week we invite a Subject Matter Expert to join us in discussing issues relevant to the practice of managing products. Pioneering the Socratic Method for Twitter Chats, we post questions for the participants to answer and add resources and commentary to the discussion.

Between Events:

Website: #ProdMgmtTalk http://www.prodmgmttalk.com
Email us: prodmgmtmrktg@gmail.com
Read: http://paper.li/ProdMgmtTalk and Tweets.prodmgmttalk.com
Follow us on: Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ProdMgmtTalk
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Before Event:

FAQs: http://bit.ly/hbEgyt
RSVP: http://bit.ly/fThgve
Speaker Calendar: http://bit.ly/gV5xsM
background info: http://bit.ly/eFAB6G
questions to ponder: http://on.fb.me/fFRi7b

During Event:
twebevent http://bit.ly/dTTbk8
tweetchat http://bit.ly/eC3D09
automatically add #prodmgmttalk to your tweets to show up in twitter stream

After Event:
Blog your insights and read others http://bit.ly/eOFmB6
Twitter Transcripts & Lists http://bit.ly/htNQju


About Cindy F. Solomon:

Solomon constantly researches startups and software that further extend the accessibility for professional discussions and enable real time participation. In December 2011, Solomon developed the mobile application, The Global Product Management Talk that allows participants to get updates of weekly podcasts and recaps, initially available in the Android marketplace, then via the Amazon Android market, Apple and Windows markets.

Solomon conceived of the idea to utilize Twitter to engage busy professionals in a real time discussion and created the infrastructure to produce the entire event using freely available open platforms.  Weekly, she develops the content and maintains the website, writes the press releases and distributes them, curates the speakers and cultivates the information,  promotes the event, captures the transcript, edits and posts to slideshare, edits the audio podcast, and composes the recap of the event, then distributes across facebook, linkedin, twitter, blogtalkradio and pushes out to the mobile app and beyond. 

Cindy F. Solomon founded an automated broadcast advertising company in NYC after selling microcomputers & peripherals, computerizing a marketing incentives firm and developing a newsletter about technology for Boardroom Reports. Cindy has held technology marketing management positions with Apple, Vadem, NetObjects and several start-ups. Cindy is a Certified Product Manager and Certified Product Marketing Manager who provides soup to nuts product management development, product marketing strategy, and social media implementation.

Cindy F. Solomon
San Francisco Bay Area
California, USA

San Francisco Product Talks

About Co-host, brainmates:

Founded by Adrienne Tan and Nick Coster in 2004, the two devised a mission to help companies understand their customers’ needs and develop innovative products that their customers love. With over 20 years of Product Management experience, they lead a dedicated team of Product Managers who are committed to providing services to clients to do just that.

brainmates - product management people
suite 906, level 9
84 Pitt street
Sydney nsw 2000

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