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Jim Holland Director, Product Marketing @Jim_Holland http://pmtribe.wordpress.com/ 
Adrienne Tan Founder, brainmates @brainmates http://www.brainmates.com.au/about-us/our-team/adrienne-tan 
Roger Cauvin Product strategist @rcauvin http://blog.cauvin.org 
Steven Haines Founder, President of Sequent Learning Networks and author @Steven_Haines http://sequentlearning.com/bios.php 
Scott Sehlhorst President, Tyner Blain @sehlhorst http://tynerblain.com/blog 
Saeed Khan Product Management Veteran @saeedwkhan On Product Management 
Paul Alex Gray Facilitator, brainmates @paulalexgray  http://paulalexgray.wordpress.com/ 
Mark Mansour Founder, Agile Bench @markmansour State of Flux 
Jose A. Briones, Ph.D. General Manager CSI Incorporated @brioneja Eye on Innovation, Design and Technology 
Larry McKeogh Product Manager @lmckeogh http://lmckeogh.posterous.com 
Joshua Duncan Director of Product Marketing @joshua_d http://www.arandomjog.com/ 
Geoffrey Anderson  Senior Product Manager @gander2112 Tralfaz - Product Management With Bite 
Christopher Cummings Director of Product Management of Lycos Inc. @chriscummings01 Product Management Meets Pop Culture 
Paul Young Product Management & Marketing Instructor @ptyoung Product Beautiful Blog 
John Haniotis Senior VP of Products at Accept Corporation @johnhaniotis1 Innovation Jam 
Gregory Yankelovich Founder & CEO of Amplified Analytics @piplzchoice http://blog.amplifiedanalytics.com 
Robert Swanwick Product Manager & Founder @swanwick http://swanthinks.wordpress.com 
Mike Gospe Author & Founder, KickStart Alliance  @mikegospe Kick Start Alliance blog 
Lance Knight Senior Director, Global Solutions Engineering at Accept Corp @lancedknight Scrum Alliance profile 
Jennifer Doctor Founder & Managing Director, Harbor Light Partners @jidoctor http://www.outsideinview.com  
Jock Busuttil Senior Product Manager, Experian, London @jockbu I Manage Products Blog 
Gopal Shenoy Director of Product Management, Gazelle @gopalshenoy Product Management Tips 
Tim Johnson Product Marketing Expert @JohnsonTC  It's About Value 
Erika L. Andersen Product Manager and Lawyer @ErikaLAndersen LinkedIn  
Matt Howell Product Manager, WBIE @mhowell Matt's accumulated stuff 
Mack McCoy Global Product Marketer @Mack_McCoy  LinkedIn 
Greg White President, Orange County Product Managers @GregWhiteOC VisualCV 
John Peltier Agile Product Manager @johnpeltier John's blog 
Cindy F. Solomon Founder, Global Product Management Talk @cindyfsolomon Cindy's blog 
Jason Hardy-Smith Vice President of Product Management, BrightIdea @JasonHardySmith  BrightIdea Blog 
Robert Kelly, PMP Managing Partner, Kelly Project Solutions @rkelly976 Kelly's Contemplation 
Brandi Moore Founder Of IndiaThink And Author, The Little BRIC Book @IndiaThink http://bit.ly/uWAv8Z 
Bill Galfano President, MileMarker @galfano BillGalfano 
W. Alejandro Polanco Head of Product Strategies, Arise Virtual Solutions, Inc @wpolanco LinkedIn 
Veronica Figarella Product Management Expert @VFigatelix Entreprenurial Product Manager 
Shaun Dakin  Fellow, Future Of Privacy Forum @shaundakin Future of Privacy Forum 
Elizabeth Quintanilla Marketing Gunslinger @equintanilla EQ Consultants Group 
Hakan Kilic Senior Product Manager @HakanKilic Back To The Product 
Therese Padilla President, AIPMM @AIPMM AIPMM Newsletter Articles 
Greg Geracie  President, Actuation Consulting @GregGeracie Take Charge Product Management 
Jeremy Horn The Product Guy @theproductguy The Product Guy Blog 
Nick Coster Founder of brainmates, Product Management Consultant & Trainer @nickcoster brainrants 
Prabhakar Gopalan Strategy Consultant @pgopalan So what? 
Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey Entrepreneur and Author @consultski Ski on Throughput 
Val Workman Seasoned Product Manager @valworkman PM Nerds 
Mark Stiving, Ph.D Pricing expert, Speaker, and Author @MarkStiving PragmaticPricing 
Mary Ellen Miller CEO @MarketingMel @marketingmel MarketingMel 
John Mansour Founder & Managing Partner, Proficientz @proficientzppm Proficientz Blog 
Ron Brown CEO & Author @browncompany  Brown Company Blog 
Travis Jensen Product Manager and Founder of ClickLock @softwaremaven Softwaremaven 
Chris Williams Professional Copywriter @blueferret Blue Ferret Communications 
Tom Evans Principal at Lûcrum Marketing @compellingmktr Lucrum Marketing 
Hutch Carpenter Vice President of Product for Spigit @bhc3 Spigit Blog 
Kelly Abbott President, Co-Founder, 3ones, Inc. @kellyabott 3ones  
Dan Dascalescu CIO Blueseed  @dandv Blueseed 
Pinkesh Shah CEO, Adaptive Marketing @AdaptivePM Adaptive Marketing 
Lori Stewart COO & Head of Corporate Development at eThor.com and Founder, Awesome Foundation Calgary @lori19stewart Lori Stewart 
Eric V. Holtzclaw CEO @UserInsight @eholtzclaw About Eric 
Paul Sherman ShermanUX  @PJSherman ShermanUX 
Rich Mironov Seasoned Product Executive @RichMironov Product Bytes 
Jeff Lash Product Management Thought Leader and Author @jefflash How To Be A Good Product Manager 
Brian Lawley CEO and Author @the280group Optimal Product Management Blog 
Leon Malalel Strategic Product Management™ consultant and trainer @LeonMalalel LeonMalalel 
Robert D. La Gesse Chief Disruption Officer, Rackspace @Kr8tr  Lagesse 
Jesper W Thomsen VP, Sales & Marketing, Roozz.com @roozzplugin Jesper's LinkedIn 
Fred Glick Co-founder, Rentscoper And Nationally Known Real Estate Expert @FredGlick Realty! Realty! 
Jeremy Elser Co-Founder, Rentscoper @Rentscoper Rentscoper, Algorithmically Driven Apartment Rental Search Engine 
Hector Del Castillo, PMP, CPM, CPMM Product Management Trainer @hmdelcastillo  LinkedIn 
Showing 68 items