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The Global Product Management Talk StartUPTalk Radio audio series is designed to showcase the people, teams and inspiration fueling startup businesses and new offerings, products, services, software, applications and innovative ideas.  

We want to understand what it takes to start a startup, what attitudes, actions, procedures, and passions are demanded.  What propels them to tackle the problems they're solving. What did it take for them to get to this juncture, and what challenges they're facing to grow, pivot or respond to achieve product/market fit.
StartUPTalk Radio
 is an on-demand podcast available at BlogTalkRadio and on iTunes as part of the lineup of Global Product Management Talk programming

StartUPTalk Radio providers may offer incentives and rewards for participants at The Global Product Management Talk.

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The Future of Real Estate Rentals With
Jeremy Elser
RentScoper Map
Fred Glick

RentScoper logo

Jesper W. Thomsen, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Discusses How Roozz Implements A Radical Business Model For Changing The Way Software Is Consumed And Used 

Jesper W Thomsen, Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Awesome Foundation Calgary
Lori Stewart, COO & Head of Corporate Development at And Founder at Awesome Foundation Calgary, Discusses Transforming Ideas Into Innovation 

Dan Dascalescu

StartUPTalk Radio Premieres With Dan Dascalescu, CIO of Blueseed, Floating High Tech Incubator

Launch Festival