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The path to market leadership begins with product management, a crucial business and technical function. The job of product management often appears overwhelming and constantly challenging for product professionals to stay apprised of effective and innovative ways to accomplish their goals.  Product professionals don't have time to be combing the marketplace for product management tools when they're busy shepherding their own company's products. 

The Global Product Management Talk Tools of the Trade audio series is designed to enable busy product people to stay informed about best in class tools, methods and approaches. We talk with the people behind new offerings, products, services and methodology to understand what problems they're solving, what benefits they're providing, and provide tips to quickly ascend the learning curve to implementing them successfully.

Global Product Management Talk
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BlogTalkRadio features new product management show

By Kimberley Chan on November 23, 2011

BlogTalkRadio, the largest and fastest growing online talk radio network, has added a new, live product management-related talk show to its growing list of informative broadcasts. 


OneDesk was honored to be featured in the premiere episode of Global Product Management’s Tools of the Trade, hosted by Cindy F. Solomon.

A product manager with many years of experience, knowledge and leadership in the field, Solomon chatted with Derek Gold, our Vice-President of Product Marketing, and Catherine Constantinides, our Social Media Marketer about the benefits of using OneDesk for product management.

With Tools of the Trade, Solomon informs those in the product management field about the best tools, methods and approaches for their busy lives. She presents up-and-coming products and services and looks into their advantages, while providing advice on how they can improve their product management process.

Listen to the episode on BlogTalkRadio and find out what Solomon learns and thinks about our feature-rich application.  

Tools of the Trade: OneDesk

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